World class products

Small Deli and local farmer shops are places to visit if you are out to shop for word class local products, or let the many restaurants give you a taste experience with focus on local products. Try for example the local lamb and potatoes from Venø, fresh mussels and oysters from Limfjorden or pork chops from Ausumgaard. The choise is yours!


Recommendation from Morten Andersen, American NFL football player.

I will recommend Restaurant Ved Fjorden, located just at the marina in Struer. It has a beautiful placement, and Frans Wobeser, the kitchen chief, is very talented. There have been a restaurant there since the middle of the 80’s, and I’ve visited the place many times. From their terrace you can almost view Bremdal, the area from where I come.

The place is unpretentious. They cook good food from local commodities. A bit like a brasserie. Danish food with a twist. It’s not super complicated food, but it’s completely alright. Polite and good service.

Last time I hat dinner at Restaurant Ved Fjorden, I got an amazing fish soup. Intense taste, and afterwards I had moules frites made from mussels from Limfjorden served with homemade French fries. I had dinner with my parents and an old friend. He got the most tender rib-eye he have ever had. And he has had many! It was a great evening and a good experience.

Recommendation from Kristian Borbjerggaard, owner of Venø Seafood.

I will recommend Venø Kro. It’s located in beautiful surroundings on Venø with a view to Limfjorden. The place is unique because it is located on an island, but it takes only 3 minutes to sail to the island. The surroundings are wonderful, and the inn is cozy. They cook delicious food, starting with the local commodities from the island as lobster, oysters, mussels, crabs, potatoes and meat from the Galloway cattle, who graze on the northern part of the island, and herbs from the inns garden.

The food is good, no matter if you come at lunch or for dinner. The surroundings and the view is wonderful on a summer day, where you can sit in the garden. The wine menu is very variated, there is something for everybody, no matter if the wine should be red, white, rosé or sparkling.

When you visit Venø Kro, you must order their shellfish dish with oysters and lobsters from Limfjorden, crabs, mussels and more. To top it all, buy caviar and sparkling wine.