Southern Djursland

The food culture is built up in an area with fishing, farming and trading, especially in the area around the borough Ebeltoft, Mols and Rønde. A coast culture along the many small inlets and harbors creates atmosphere and life at fishshops in Begtrup Vig, Egens Havhuse and in Ebentoft.

Fishing is not an important trade today, as early as the 1880’s Ebeltoft began to focus at tourists. Seaside hotels, bathing establishments and summerhouses became a normal thing in the area. Today tourism is an important trade in the municipality. Tourism and food experiences is a good match.

Ebeltoft is the city of the apples. In the garden at the old Farvergård, a part of Museum Østjylland, the original Ebeltoft - apple tree stands. In the streets of Ebeltoft you will apples of stone, telling a story of the city of the apples, along with 12 fields with Danish apple trees.

Molbordet is a network of local food producers, restaurants and shops. Local patriotism and love for food is central in their manifest.

Recommendation from Mads Andersen, co-funder and winemaker at Andersen Winery.

Restaurant Moment manage to create a relaxed and good atmosphere for the guest. The service is friendly, and you feel comfortable in Restaurant Moment in Rønde. Everything they do is special. they don’t compromise when they choose the commodities, they use local and organic commodities, and some of them they grow themselves. It’s a vegetarian restaurant conscious to the season, and they manage to give the vegetable a new look. Cabbage is not just cabbage, but suddenly it’s the most delicious crispy snack. At Restaurant Moment the menu changes all the time with the seasons. When you eat at Restaurant Moment you can lean back and look forward to have at vegetarian seasonal menu served.

Molskroen creates gastronomi on the very highest level. The service is amazing, and you are served dishes on a level you don’t find many other places in Denmark. Molskroen is located at an amazing spot close to the water, and it’s a perfect place to sit a late summer evening and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, staring at the sea.

Molskroens menu is seasonal and changes all year round. If you visit Molskroen during the oyster season, I will recommend you taste their excellent oysters, it’s pure pleasure.