Gastronomic specialities from Skive

In this region products with great taste and high quality is in focus. Try for example the local oysters and mussels from Limfjorden, the organic diary products from Thiese Mejer or the clean and fresh water from Fur - just to mention a few. 

The area is also known for the local breweries; Fur Bryghus, Staarup Håndbryg and Hancock. All well known for good quality beers. 



Foto kredit Claus Peuckert
Foto kredit Claus Peuckert

Recommendation from Lene Beier, TV-host

I will recommend Højslev Kro, it’s located just outside Skive. Højslev Kro is an big village inn, something different than a classic inn. Højslev kro is creating the menu with elements of classic Danish food with authentic Thai input. The inn creates a fusion between Danish and Asian. They use really delicious meet in their Thai dishes and are authentic and proud about their dishes. The service is very welcoming and comfortable, and when you visit Højslev Kro, you must order Sara’s Thai-pot, it’s the signature dish, with an authentic recipe from Thailand.

I will also recommend Sevel Kro. It’s a classic old fashioned inn. Sevel Kro is authentic and stands by what it is. The inn is part of the cultural history and has a long and exiting history. They cook classic Danish dishes, and has a respect towards the commodities, and cook everything from scratch. When you stop by at Sevel Kro, you must order something with Sevel sovs (Sauce). The recipe is a secret, but it tastes so good, you really must try it.

Recommendation from Rosa Kildahl, tv personality

I would like to recommend Restaurant Limfjordens Hus in Glyngøre – the location is unique, the waterline in the front and the town in the back. The restaurant is basically in my backyard, but because of their format it might as well be in Copenhagen. The cooking is high class and the owner has a Michelin star in the back pocket.

They use local distributers and ingredients – Fish as well as vegetables. Their sense for detail makes every experience unique.

Their fish and shellfish dishes are delicate. But the menu is always changing, therefore it is hard to mention one dish to try. However, the products from the local organic dairy, Thise Mejeri, is used in a lot of the dishes and especially their sauces are incredible.

I always choose a fish dish, but I rarely order just one…