The Danish Lakelands region is a natural pantry packed with delicious and healthy ingredients – and the creative chefs in the cafés, hotels and restaurants know how to make the very most of them. They often use them to make traditional, filling dishes, but occasionally they put them to other uses in gastronomic experiments designed to remind us that Denmark is home to the best restaurant in the world.

If you want to do your own cooking, take the time to visit some of the local farm shops and buy crisp vegetables, freshly picked fruit, newly made honey, local beer and more besides.



Recommendation from Poul Martin Bonde, spokesman, Smukfest

Once every year a special culinary area opens in Skanderborg. It’s placed in “Dyrehaven” and is only open when Smukfest is. It’s not just one place, but many different eateries, all doing their best to satisfy the guests at the festival. At the first festival there were only served hotdogs, but today there is an unlimited selection. You can have classic fast-food, but you can also have food at a culinary high level. It’s a temporary setup in the middle of a forest, but it doesn’t lower the quality. Many places are worth being recommended, but if you’re at Smukfest for the first time I will recommend you to try: Fish and shellfish from Restaurant Smukfisk, the tatar from Gastromé and ham from Jimmy and the happy team at Can Blau.