Visit Silkeborg and try the fresh and local products; quality meat, crispy vegtables, juicy fruits, sweet honey and locally brewed beer.

The Hotels, restaurants and cafees use the local products and transform them into gastronomic experiences. The diversity on the gastronomic scene in Silkeborg is wide, some specializes in the love for simplicity, others pride the traditional Danish cuisine or focus on gastronomic experiments. In common is the love for the local produce and the scenic location close to either the water, forests or in a cozy urban environment. 

Multiple of the farmers in this area focus on organic farming and animal welfare. With respect for the environment, traditions, quality and great taste they produce good quality products to the many restaurants in the area. Thus, when dining at the areas restaurants you have the opportunity to taste the local products and experience the gastronomic taste of Silkeborg.

In september you can experience Gourmet Rally, where local Restaurants, Inns and Farm shops invites you to taste the local products. We look forward to welcome you! - find out more about the event here



Recommendation from Lone Hedegaard, Manager at Gothenborg.

I will recommend the eatery Restaurant Karoline Amalie in Virklund, Silkeborg. The owners Rikke and Kristian really have attention on the details. The place is worth a visit because of the atmosphere, but also because they have beautiful premises and an amazing garden, where they grow all kind of herbs and other things they use in the dishes. When the weather allows you to, you can have your aperitif in the garden. The food is unmatched. They focus on commodities, tastes and amazing servings.

Kristian use local commodities. When he creates a filled duck neck from meat and skin from organic ducks from Gothenborg, it tastes so so good. The Austian wines, which thy import themselves, are delicious and outstanding. There are many to choose from, so Rikke will find the perfect one for your meal.