World class local produce

For centuries the local nature and food traditions has been the basic for world class produce and an unique foodculture in Western Jutland. The closeness to the sea and the rich nature makes this area very special for local farmers and fishermen. This creates a unique pantry of products, that through generations of traditions and craftmanship are refined to the best products. The nature provides the produce with a special taste of Western Jutland. 


Cheese, oysters and whisky

Different products are special to this area. Cheese from the local diaries is unique because it is being aged in the salty air from the North Sea. European oysters live in the waters of Limfjorden and the local farmers crops grow in a stable climate, which makes the foundation to produce some of the best whisky in the world from the local grain. Cattles and lamb nourish the fields and deers walk free in the forests, creating a unique nature experience and quality lean meat. 

Western Jutland are also known for their local fresh fish, a wide range of quality fish from the North Sea or fish from the sustainable fish breeding farms in the area producing quality trouts and salmons.



Recommendation from Stauning Whiskey

We will recommend Nymindegab Kro, which is beautifully located south from Ringkøbing Fjord, 500 meters from the west coast. It’s a special place because they don’t cook a specific kind of food, they cook food they like themselves. When you visit Nymindegab Kro you should taste the “Nymindegab Salmon” and the licorice dessert. It’s probably the two most known dishes from Nymindegab Kro


We will also recommend Restaurant Stuen th. It’s a part of “Hotel Skjern” and has a covered terrace and a beautiful view over the “Bank square”. They work closely together with local farmers and suppliers of quality commodities.

The atmosphere is unformal, and the service is welcoming and present. They are co-creator of new gastronomic projects and events at the hotel, in the restaurant and in cooperation with local suppliers.

Stuen th. changes their menu every 6th week. Every time they compose a tasting menu with 3-5 dishes. It’s seasonal and based on what the restaurant wants you to taste. A proper wine menu is suggested, where the focus is organic and sustainable cultivation of wine. “Stjerneskud”, fried fish and tapas with local commodities are always at the menu. I will recommend the local tapas with specialties from moor to sea. You can get the tapas for lunch, as a starter or main course. You choose if you want 5, 7 or 10 pieces. It’s always a good idea to try the tasting menu as well. You can have the tasting menu after 5 p.m.


We will also recommend Restaurant Stauning Havn. At the restaurant you eat 10 meters from the shore, and the harbor still have an old idyllically atmosphere. For the last 10 years Restaurant Stauning Havn has work with local commodities, long time before it became modern. The restaurant uses real local commodities, all their commodities comes from a radius at max 5 kilometers from the restaurant. When you visit Restaurant Stauning Havn, you must try their pan-fried flounder fillet, it comes from just outside the door, our Stauning Whisky ham, that comes from our pigs and our Stauning Whisky ice.


Restaurant Sandgaarden is worth a visit if you want something extraordinary. Inspired by French gastronomy in the center of Søndervig, close to unique dunes and the North Sea.

The waiters are present and attentive to the guests during the visit. You feel very welcome, and they guide you through the wine and menu. The restaurant is simple and beautifully furnished. The meal is enjoyed at tables and chairs designed by the well-known Danish furniture-designer Finn Juhl.

The menu is inspired by French gastronomy, with a focus on the experience of the taste. The waiters and the host are professional, always smiling and helpful. There is a very well-stocked wine cellar with room for eating, and where you really feel and enjoy the hosts knowledge and passion for wine.

I really recommend Sandgaarden D’luxe with wine, honest food, fresh commodities and visual beautiful served. It’s food of very high quality. The restaurant also has a very tasteful selection of dishes with fish. The menu for kids is also of high quality, of cause made from scratch with the best commodities.


Since 2016 Kommandobroen by Grantland has welcomed people to gastronomic experiences out at the North Sea. They have carefully chosen the commodities and composed inspirering dishes and managed to create a unique restaurant that’s always worth a visit. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you meet a smiling and humble staff, and from the kitchen they bring an endless series of different food experiences.

The beautiful premises are built with oblique windows that gives you the view as if you were on the bridge on a ship. With the beautiful location and view to the harbor in Hvide Sande, the view from Kommandobroen is an experience in itself.

When you visit the restaurant, you should choose the menu, the only question is, how many dishes you want. Everybody deserves to experience the menu of Kommandobroen.