World class local produce

For centuries the local nature and food traditions has been the basic for world class produce and an unique foodculture in Western Jutland. The closeness to the sea and the rich nature makes this area very special for local farmers and fishermen. This creates a unique pantry of products, that through generations of traditions and craftmanship are refined to the best products. The nature provides the produce with a special taste of Western Jutland. 


Cheese, oysters and whisky

Different products are special to this area. Cheese from the local diaries is unique because it is being aged in the salty air from the North Sea. European oysters live in the waters of Limfjorden and the local farmers crops grow in a stable climate, which makes the foundation to produce some of the best whisky in the world from the local grain. Cattles and lamb nourish the fields and deers walk free in the forests, creating a unique nature experience and quality lean meat. 

Western Jutland are also known for their local fresh fish, a wide range of quality fish from the North Sea or fish from the sustainable fish breeding farms in the area producing quality trouts and salmons.



Hotel and restaurants;  

Westergaards Hotel, Videbæk 

Restaurant Sandgaarden, Søndervig

Café ved Vestkystens Gårdbutik, Hou (5 km north of Søndervig)

Hotel Skjern & Restaurant Stuen th., Skjern

Komandobroen, Hvide Sande

Restaurant Under Broen, Hvide Sande

Café Gaflen, Hvide Sande

Restaurant Stauning Havn, Stauning

Restaurant Smag, Ringkøbing

Restaurant Bøffen, Ringkøbing

Hotel Fjordgaarden, Ringkøbing

Café Kræs, Ringkøbing

Vedersø Mejerikro, Vedersø