Experience food in historic and beautiful settings

In an area, historically owned by the nobles and royalties, you will find many castles, country estates and manors. The name of this area "Kronjylland" was given because the King used to own a huge part of the land. The location was popular because of the beautiful landscape and the rich soil. 

The 700 years old town of Randers has a long tradition as a market town, where locals and farmers came to buy or sell their produce; horses, eggs, vegtables or fruits. The countries biggest farmers markets has been held here in more than 100 years. This unique history is still very present in different corners of the city. Small shops in historic timbered houses, old market squares, deli shops and restaurants testify the gastronomic history in this city. Also the old Inns around Randers has their own unique gastronomic signature, where you will experience true Danish history, food and culture.

In Randers you can expect to experience the traditional Danish cuisine - the classic open sandwich and traditional dishes, the modern nordic cuisine and offcource menus inspired by the classic frensh cuisine.



Recommendation from Tommy Friis, Restaurant and kitchen chief at Fru Larsen

I will recommend Bistroteket in Randers. It’s a classic Danish and French bistro in the center of Randers. Bistroteket serves simple but well tasting food. The place is special because they are persistent in their concept and focus a lot on quality. They use French commodities and serves traditional French dishes. I will advice you to choose the seasonal menu.