Local charm and the view of the sea

Along the coast of Odder, you will find charming restaurants and cafes with the sea and the cornfields as their closest neighbors. The local produce ensures quality and freshness, which are the focus at the many restaurants. Here you will find gourmet restaurants and restaurants serving traditional Danish cuisine, the variety is huge and to all tasteings. 

The agriculture is special to this area and at the local farm shops you will get the total experience; when you get to see the fields, the animals and get to taste the local produce you will se why this area is known for their agriculture. Several vineyards in this area also proves that the agriculture is unique and shows that it is possible to have wineproduction in Denmark.



Norsminde Kro, Norsminde

Malling Kro, Malling

Fru Møllers Mølleri, Odder