Nothern Djursland

With few simple lines in its logo the municipality of Northern Djursland tells its story. The blue line shows the coastline and the green lines show the shape of the deer.

The coast and the sea are a part of an exhibition on Museum Østjylland in Grenaa. The exhibition tells a story about how the life at the coast and at the sea has always had a huge influence and been a condition for life in both good and bad ways.

Fishing, and industries related to fishing, is still an active trade with the harbors in Grenaa and Bønnerup. From the coast at Fjellerup beach the fishermen sail every day to catch fresh fish. During the whole summer fishing boats bring lobsters and other treasures from the sea to the restaurants, guest and citizens on the island Anholt.

Deer live in huge herds on North Djursland. North Djursland has huge forest areas and a rich farmland.

The cultural heritage related to hunting and farming is told on the museums at Gammel Estrup. Focus is the life of the Danes and our food history.

At Det Grønne Museum (The Green Museum) you also find Madens hus (House of the food) where you can participate in food courses and other events in the historical kitchens. Madens Hus is winner of World food trekking award 2018. The museum has breeds of indigenous Danish livestock at its fields, both cattle, goats, sheep and hen. At the museum they also grow old sorts of vegetables in the agricultural botanical garden.

Recommendations from Josefine Gørup Jacobsen, owner of the blog ”Herregårdsdrømmen”

Josefine and her husband moved to Norddjurs municipality I 2017 to renovate the manor “Obdrup gård”. You can follw their journey on the blog Herregårdsdrømmen.

Josephine recommend the restaurant MundGodt in Grenå, because of the high quality of the food. Josephine and her husband have been at the restaurant to eat several times. Each time they have been impressed by the high quality. When the course is served, it’s beautiful, and it’s obvious to see and taste that the food is made from scratch. It’s lovely to have dinner at a place where the commodities are fresh and you can taste the love in each course.