Taste of NorthWestern Jutland

Products from this part of Denmark are known for their traditions and local culture. The rough weather and the closeness to the sea, inspires and affects both the producers and the products and make them special to this region. 

NorthWestern Jutland is a wonderland for professionel chefs and gourmet interested home cooks. The local and fresh produce is available everywhere. Go for a walk and gather your own food from the nature or go to the many farmers shops and markets and buy your produce fresh. The quality is at the very top. Get for example fresh fish, quality game meat and vegtables grown in the local fields. 

If you are more into eating the food than cooking, try the local produce at the cafes and restaurants in this area. There is something for all tastings - classic danish cuisine, fish, organic lunch and tapas Jutland-style. 

The taste of NorthWest Jutland are many - in common you will find the high quality!


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