Hungry and ready to take your tastebuds on a gastronomic journey? Do not miss out on visiting a gastronomic gem, visit Horsens. From the many restaurants and cafes you will experience traditional Danish Food and if you are more into experimenting, creative and innovative chefs will serve you meals inspired from gastronomic food trends. 

Enjoy a meal, surrounded by historic buildings or beautiful and undisturbed nature - the choise is yours, Horsens has it all.



Foto: Stine Arnholtz
Foto: Stine Arnholtz

Recommendation from Stine Arnholtz, blogger and participant at Masterchef 2020

Bar and Restaurant Gasfabrikken (The Gasfactory) opened in 2016 in renovated factory facilities. They have before, as the name suggest, added premises to the production of gas. The restaurant is located in a quite area in the central Horsens, where not many cars come by. When you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by a cozy atmosphere.  The premises are modern furnished, and the fixture tells a story of where you are. The lamps are made of old welding helmets and it contribute to create a wow-effect to the whole experience. “The restaurant is SO cool furnished and the atmosphere is great. When you open the door you think WOW, and as soon as you enter the restaurant you feel welcome” – Stine Arnholtz

Gasfabrikken is furnished, so all the guest can sit for themselves, not close to other guest who you don’t know. That means that you can sit and talk without being disturbed. There are windows in one end of the restaurant, but in the rest of the restaurant you can’t sit and stare at people passing by. That means you aren’t interrupted and can focus on the people you are with instead of people passing by, their dog, shoes or clothes. The music in the restaurant isn’t loud but contributes to the atmosphere, nice and quiet. There is a small terrace, so if the weather is good, it’s nice to sit outside. “I’ve had so many different people with me visiting Gasfabrikken. Most of them didn’t know the place in advance. Even my parents in law, who live in the area, didn’t know the place before I introduced it to them. They where so excited when we visited the place together.”  - Stine Arnholtz

Foto: Stine Arnholtz
Foto: Stine Arnholtz

The food at Gasfabrikken is seasonal, and they focus on using local suppliers and organic commodities. The menu changes during the seasons. It means that you not necessarily can have the same dish you had last time. But the food is always delicious and beautiful “The food is insanely delicious, and you are really getting value for money.” – Stine Arnholtz

At Gasfabrikken there is no mass production. They cook the food when you order it, and serve it when it’s ready, not five minutes later, that’s high priority.
                                                                                                 Brunch with freshly squeezed juice, different
                                                                                                 delicious cheeses, sausages, yoghurt ect. is always
                                                                                                 at the menu. But your brunch pancakes will first be
                                                                                                 baked when you order them, they must be fresh
                                                                                                 and crispy.

Foto: Stine Arnholtz
Foto: Stine Arnholtz

In the evening you can i.a. order the sesonal menu with aperitif, wine menu and coffee for 795 Dkr. You can also order other dishes or the seasonal menu with a beer menu. You get most value for money if you order the menu.

At Gasfabrikken you are having a holistic experience. “I don’t need to go to other restaurants” – Stine Arnholtz