Gastronomic experiences

The area of Holstebro provides delicious gastronomic experineces, local organic produce and quality artwork. 

In the cost-city Thorsminde, large amounts of fresh fish is every day shipped from the local fishermen. Cod, herring, flounder, turbot and crabs are among the daily catch. Close by in Fjand, Margrete Moore is well-known for serving brown crabs in her restaurant. East of Holstebro, Jeanette and Bo Witte-Pedersen run one of Denmark´s largest bison farm. Bison meat is especially known for tender and rich taste, and meat from this farm is sold both national and international. Small Batch Distillers specialices in Whisky and Geddal Gaardbryggeri (brewery) serves beer brewed from the best local ingredients. 

Every single place is worth a visit if you are looking for a gastronomic experience.

Combine your gastronomic experience with a weekend get-away at some of this regions many hotels and bed&breakfast. 



Recommendations from Pernille, owner of the blog and Instagram profile “Krea Pernille”

I will recommend Restaurent SPRØD (sprød means crisp). The place is special to me, because I feel that no matter who you are, you are welcome here. No matter where you are from and what you eat, you will find something at the menu you will like. At SPRØD they make sure that everything, both the taste and the visual look, is taken care for. The food is exciting and different in a good way. A pizza is not just at pizza, but can be gourmet food, delicious and you are still able to pay for it. It’s a restaurant for everybody, friends, couples, people on their own. The atmosphere is cozy, they have made a great effort to personalize the premises and the service is good. They have wine-menus, brunch and lunch menus. Actually “SPRØD” is a pizzaria, but they make the most delicious steaks with homemade sauce. I don’t think they would call themselves a pizzaria.

SPRØD is outstanding, they have thought about everything, but still there’s room for funny stories. Like the story about how they randomly god their name. In the beginning they couldn’t find the right name, but they kept saying “the name has to be really crisp (sprødt)” until one suggested “Hvad about SPRØD?”. Quickly they bough a special stone oven abroad. It uses only dried beech to burn wich gives the food a special taste and crispiness. The oven is also much faster than a normal stone oven. They have won the title “best pizza of the year”, and it’s not a coincidence.

When you visit SPRØD, I recommend you try:

Tapas as starter. It’s served on a big plate and you share at the table. So nice. At SPRØD they bake delicious bread for the tapas, and they serve an olive oil with salt and pepper for the bread, it tastes so good.  

For main course, I will recommend continue the tapas-concept. SPØRD serves pizza and burger tapas. It’s small pieces of their bestseller pizzas, so it’s possible for you to taste all of it. Different dips are served as well, garlic, chili, sour creme and many more. Four different burgers with different juicy steaks, of course with homemade bread. It’s a big pleasure to share the food in this way, and when everybody tastes everything, it’s easier to talk about the food, than when you’re having your own dish in front of you.

Dessert – cake-tapas! Different small desserts served on a big plate for sharing. Super tasty and beautifully served. The tapas concept with tapas for starter, main course and dessert is so good and different.

I will also recommend Café Utopia. The place is run by the municipality and it's a place where mental vulnerable people have a job. The café offers brunch, lunch and on Fridays 3 course menus in the evening. Friday evening is the only evening open, other days it’s only open during daytime.

The café is outstanding in the way the municipality runs it. A very talented boss and chef is leader, and therefor the menu is super special, and only local commodities from farms nearby are used. The leaders are very good at helping the mental ill people to keep their job in the café. As a guest you can feel a special calmness and joy for the work among the employees, that you only rarely find in other places.

In my opinion Café Utopia has the most delicious brunch in town, you can have menus free from lactose and gluten, and there’s focused on health in their menus. They change the menu 1-2 times a year, as far as I know.

Utopia is for everybody; they also host dinner parties and you can have the food as take-away. The food is different, and for those who dare to try something new. The menu is super delicious, and the café is very up to date.