Gastronomic experiences

The area of Holstebro provides delicious gastronomic experineces, local organic produce and quality artwork. 

In the cost-city Thorsminde, large amounts of fresh fish is every day shipped from the local fishermen. Cod, herring, flounder, turbot and crabs are among the daily catch. Close by in Fjand, Margrete Moore is well-known for serving brown crabs in her restaurant. East of Holstebro, Jeanette and Bo Witte-Pedersen run one of Denmark´s largest bison farm. Bison meat is especially known for tender and rich taste, and meat from this farm is sold both national and international. Small Batch Distillers specialices in Whisky and Geddal Gaardbryggeri (brewery) serves beer brewed from the best local ingredients. 

Every single place is worth a visit if you are looking for a gastronomic experience.

Combine your gastronomic experience with a weekend get-away at some of this regions many hotels and bed&breakfast. 



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