In Herning they like steaks. More than 30 different restaurants and cafes in Herning serve steaks. The steaks are served to all tastings, small or big, red or well-done. In common is the tender and good taste.  

Herning is the place for every beef- and steak loving customer. The first A Hereford Beefstouw restaurant in Lund, serves almost 22.000 steaks a year. 

Herning loves their beef and focus on having the best produce, whenever it is beef from the organic farmers, salmon from Skjern- and Storå, or trout from Karup Å. 

If you want to experience good quality, relaxed atmosphere, gastronomic adventure - Herning is the place to visit.



Recommendation from Charlotte, Ostemesteren in Herning

Charlotte recommends the restaurant at Hotel Regina. They struggle with the notion that the restaurant is only for people staying at the hotel. It is not. Everyone is welcome to come and eat at the restaurant. What makes the place special to Charlotte is, first, that it is an incredibly cozy restaurant. Secondly, there is an incredible tranquility in the restaurant. Although there are many people in the restaurant, there is a quiet noise level and a nice calm. For Charlotte, it's the atmosphere of the place that makes the restaurant something unique! And then the food and the wines are delicious. When you visit the restaurant at Hotel Regina, you must order a dish with their meat from free-range Danish Angus cattle, it’s meat of very high quality.