Authentic food experiences

Favrskov Municipality is not home to many gourmet restaurants, they rather pride themselves on old estates, green forests, streams and valleys.

Never the less, gastronomic experiences awaits you. This region is well-known for their local produce, where authentic food is prepared from the best local products. The local chefs and restaurants respects the produce from this region and make sure to serve them in an authentic way. Do not miss the opportunity to try some of the local products from this region.


Recommendation from Nicolas Min Jørgensen, co-owner and chef at MIN mad

The coffeeshop in Hinnerup

In the summer 2018 a group of local passionate people opened a small cozy coffee shop in Hinnerup, 17 km. north from Aarhus. It’s a locale initiative you only see in smaller cities where the citizens have good social relations. The quality at the coffee shop is as good as in many places in Aarhus. There’s room for approx. 30 people indoor. During summertimes there’re tables and chairs outside in the sun.

What makes the shop is unique, is its own production. The owners are among other a chef, a barista, a tonic manufacturer and a brewer. Everything is chosen specifically to the shop. All the food is prepared at the café and the coffee is roasted at the café twice a week.

Everything is simple but good. The bread is amazing, but especially the coffee, roasted and grinded on place, is unique and of very high quality.



Astrid and Vigge Sommer have done farming with organic vegetables and fruit on a smaller farm between Hinnerup and Hadsten for 30 years. I’m a neighbor to them and visit them all year round, especially to buy commodities I can’t find anywhere else. Last summer I had a dinner on the farm, where the menu was created from the vegetables and pork from the farm. Unique!

On their 5 acres of land they do farming as in old days. They have no big machines and mass production. They plant and harvest approx. 80 different vegetables during the season. Everything from tomatoes over unique pumpkins, hardy kiwi, edible flowers, ginger and artichoke. Sommergrønt supply some of the most prominent restaurants in Aarhus, who all share the same philosophy and passion for ecology. There is also a farm shop where private customers can shop unique commodities and meat from the farm’s own little pig herd.

Is your salat uninspiring, you should stop by at Sommergrønt and shop fresh vegetables in the summer and fall season. They have five different kind of tomatoes, four different kind of cucumbers, many salads and up to 15 different kind of cabbage. Who said local is boring?


Restaurant and Hotel Fru Larsen

In Langå Tommy Friis runs the cozy hotel Fru Larsen, which offers everything from lunch to gourmet dinner, parties and rooms. Everything is of high quality. An evening at Fru Larsen is a funny hybrid of high gastronomic quality and the coziness you find in a village. I love it! It’s such a good thing, that we have places like this in the province.

Tommy Friis is balancing between making gourmet food, and at the same time the hotel is a part of the community in the village. There is room for everyone.

When you’re there I will recommend the big gourmet menu. It might be a bit over your budget, but it’s SO worth it!

Tommy Friis is known from Molskroen and several competitions. He won the Danish championship for chefs in 2010.