Enjoy a truly gastronomical experience in Aarhus!

Freshly caught fish from the bay, delicious local specialities, vegetables from the island of Samsø and local produce from Djursland. The gastronomical level is sky-high and the creative gourmet chefs of the city will always have the highest quality as a benchmark.

We offer no less than 3 restaurants with a Michelin star and thus, are placed in the gastronomical elite. The chefs of our restaurants know how to enchant both food and drinks, giving you an extraordinary food experience.

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Recommendation from restaurant Domestic

We will recommend Restaurant Hærværk og Restaurant Møf

Both retaurants share our values about being local and conscious of seasonal commodities. Both restaurants have small local suppliers from the region, and respect for and love to the commodities they use in their menus.

Restaurant Hærværk is one of the few restaurants in Aarhus who has the gold mark in ecology. That means, that 90-100% of all the food and drinks in the restaurant is organic.

Møf offers you presence and coziness. As a guest you can get close to the cooking! From the foodbar in the middle of the restaurant you have a nice view, and opportunity to chat with the chefs and follow the preparations of your food.

At Hærværk you should order one of the dishes with cheese, it’s one of the best in the city.
At Møf you should definately try their beef tartar.

 Recommendation from Sidsel and Lasse, owner of the blog “Sidsel & Lasse”

We will recommend Restaurant Malt. Recently we visited the restaurant for the first time, and we were both positively surprised by the atmosphere, the service, and the servings. You eat under the beautifully vaulted ceilings in the old buildings where there back in time was an old Ceres-brewery. We were told that because of the history, it’s possible to buy a beer-menu for the food. The facilities are unique, and the way they use beer in the servings is unique as well. When you visit Malt, you must order their scallop with cauliflower, grandmas-dressing and dill oil.