Press contact for European Region of Gastronomy:

Stephen Kastberg Haar

Food Organisation of Denmark
Vigerslev Allé 18
2500 Valby
Telephone: 0045 22 85 13 43


  • The “full” program is published October 12th, but the possibility to join the program for the Region of Gastronomy remains open throughout 2017

  • To become a part of the program for European Region of Gastronomy events or initiatives have be rooted in Central Denmark Region, be extraordinary and rethink food in some

  • The award ‘European Region of Gastronomy’ is an initiative of International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture and Tourism (IGCAT).

  • European Region of Gastronomy is a new title. This year (2016) Catalonia, Spain, and Minho, Portugal are the first regions ever to hold the title.

  • In 2017 Central Denmark Region shares the title with East Lombardy, Italy, and Riga-Gauja Region, Latvia.

  • In 2018 Noord-Brabant Region, Holland, and Galway, West of Ireland Region, has been awarded with the title as European Region of Gastronomy

  • After being awarded with the title of European Region of Gastronomy you get to keep the title