Arla offers educational program for all 6th graders in Central Denmark Region

Schoolchildren spend a third of their waking hours in school, where they find both head and body activated and stimulated - that requires healthy and nutritious food and a positive food culture.

With MADmovers Arla Foods invite all 6th grades in Central Denmark Region to rethink their food in school and the way they eat together. By working with questions like How do we eat together? Why do we eat together? How important is the food we eat? What do we eat? What changes do we hope for? the students get the opportunity to make a difference in their own class.

MADmovers is a complete educational program that assist the teachers with the tools and practices to guide the student through the course of pinpointing and handling a specific issue or problem in regards to food and food culture on a class basis.

Sign up for MADmovers is possible in Spring, and the course will run in Fall 2017. The course will take place during school hours and on a class level. Signing up and material is free of cost, and the materiel will be sent directly to the school.

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