I collaboration with Madtænkeriet, youth educations in Horsens will be rethinking young people’s eating habits, also in a social and cultural perspective.

Focusing on quality and sustainability, the students will also learn about new and better food experiences. Furthermore, innovation will be included in all stages of the value chain with the participation of companies, entrepreneurship and masterclasses.

Pupils from primary schools and students of higher education will also be involved. With a minimum of three events, various age groups will be working with the Rethink project. It will take place in cooperation with food producers, teachers and students from all walks of education, older people with specific knowledge, entrepreneurs and international inspirers. The focus is on food quality in a cultural perspective across generations, education and social roots.

The activity will take place during 2017 in connection with different educational activities. Major events and masterclasses are scheduled for both spring and autumn and will be advertised separately.

The activities are free for the participants. Special events which are advertised separately, may be associated with payment.

Cooperation: Institutions in Horsens

Contact: Madtænkeriet, Peter Kristoffersen, Tlf. 30705848 , pkristoffersen7@gmail.com