H.R.H. Prince Henrik was in 2017 a patron for The European Region of Gastronomy.

“I am happy to be a patron of an initiative that will promote the development of Nordic gastronomy in an international context. The program will inspire people everywhere and through new gastronomic knowledge give access to well tasting and healthy food.

I hope the title will be a catalysator for knowledge about local suppliers, for celebrating culinary tradition, for stimulating the interest in food among new generations and to emphasis the social aspect in gathering around the table.”



Wassim Hallal – co-owner of the Aarhus-based Michelin awarded Restaurant Frederikshøj was in 2017 ambassador for the European Region of Gastronomy

“The gastronomy in Aarhus is in a rapid development these years. Lately the culmination is international acclaim and Michelin stars. More and more restaurants are popping up and dare to move to a new culinary level which I think is positive. The development point towards a future where we can attract more food columnists, foodies and food enthusiasts from the whole world.”