The whole month of October will be dedicated to especially Middle Jutland vegetables - from the past and the future. With this project we will interpret our “ambassador role” so that we will try to represent the distinctiveness of the region. Given our profile and approach to gastronomy, our focus will naturally be Central Jutland's vegetables.
In October 2020, throughout the month, we will base our menu on such "special" Central Jutland vegetables, which will be used to fuel the local area, the gastronomy region, and vegetable-based gastronomy in general.
In collaboration with Betina Buhl from the Green Museum and Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen from Aarhus University, we will select vegetables and herbs that have a special relationship with Central Jutland - either in the form of a prehistory where they are grown to a particular degree here, they may be very specific occurring wild in the wild, or because they have special potential to be cultivated here in the future. October is the month when most of the relevant raw materials are expected to be fresh. During the year we will collect what is used in the menu, and salt, dry, pickle and ferment everything that does not naturally stay until October. All of this will be regularly featured on social media to create publicity and anticipation.