Belongs to Lemvig where Jesper Krabbe have the company Krabbe Food, which offers events for both companies and individuals. Here you cook together over bonfires, and it is about creating a bold atmosphere over good food. Jesper Krabbe is the former sous-chef for Paul Cunningham, Both at the Paul in Copenhagen, but also at Henne Kirkeby Kro. Jesper Krabbe has been in the Mid-west Jutland area at Food Festival for the past couple of years. In addition, they do an annual Crab Festival in the hometown of Lemvig. An event that could easily be linked closer to European Gastronomy Region.


When we use ingedients from Central Jutland we do it because it makes sense. It makes sense in an environmental perspective, it makes sense to support the local supplyers and because we have the best raw materials you could think of. Fish from the North Sea, vegetables from Central Jutland, venison from Klosterheden or beverages that makes foregin coutries look enviously at us. It just makes sense!"

Presentation of Krabbe Food